Who we are

Information seekers

Our mission is to move paving contractors into the modern world.  With over 25 years of experience in the pavement industry, we understand what customers are looking for when they search for companies to work with and we understand what is important to a company when running a paving business.

In our experience, time is money.  Having little information about a lead is almost as bad as not having any leads at all.  We find many paving contractors struggle to manage leads and miss out on bigger opportunities because they don't have enough information.  Pavement Salesman never wants to see you miss out on a larger project because you are busy with a smaller opportunity.

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What we do

Information prioritization

Now that we are in the digital age, consumers want it now.  Whatever "it" is, they want it as soon as possible.  The same goes for pricing.  When a customer is on your website, ultimately, they all want to know the same thing.  How much will it cost?

Pavement Salesman allows you to give your customers what they want:  instant estimates.  On your website, when potential customers select "Get A Quote", they will now be able to go through and choose anything and everything they want done.  Whether it is a concrete, asphalt, brick or sealcoating job, they will be able to select your customized options and get an estimated cost immediately.  Having this information will allow your company to maximize it's closing rates and prioritize which leads are more important to your bottom line.  

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